Christopher and David

We started our Brazilian restaurant, Cactus Mexican Food (, in 2009 with investors living in Europe, North America, and South America. Our accounting system had to satisfy the needs of all owners allowing for timely access to information across multiple timezones in multiple continents. We contacted 30 business processing companies located in Asia and eventually settled on a shortlist of four, all located in India.

We paid all of them for a trial contract period over three months asking each to implement and maintain a daily accounting and control system for our business. Moreover, as a Brazilian company, all of the business processors participating in the trial were forced to overcome the unique challenge of servicing our business with the invoices and internal documentation presented to them in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. Simultaneously implementing four accounting systems created an immense amount of work for us as well as increased our costs over the trial period. But in the end this multi-trial period was well worth it because one firm stood out among the four.

The professionalism, technical competence, and unrivaled commitment to customer service demonstrated by Consultants R Us (“CRU”) was vastly superior and unmatched by their peers. CRU’s pricing wasn’t the cheapest but was very competitive and similar to the median of the fee schedules promoted by all 30 of the business processing companies we researched.

We were so pleased as restaurant clients that over the next two years we also contracted CRU to implement and maintain the accounting and control systems for two other businesses we started in Brazil, one in business support services and the other in commercial real estate development. Needless to say we have never once regretted our decision to partner with CRU and can not recommend them highly enough to others looking for outsourced accounting and business processing solutions.


Christopher and David
Cactus Mexican Food