Scott Shuster

scott-shusterOur small US-based film studio relies on Consultants ‘R Us to organize and manage a range of support activities critical to the functioning of our company: 100% of our bookkeeping, 100% of our order entry, oversight of the performance of the third-party warehousing and shipping services company that holds and dispatches our products to wholesalers and retail customers, and more. CRU works on these and other matters for us every day, delivering a consistently perfect job. CRU also provides a level of advice and guidance on business issues that would not normally be available to a company as small as ours. Owned and run by the former CFO of a giant subsidiary of one of America’s most respected global corporations, CRU permits Stratostream Entertainment to benefit in ways we never anticipated when we first considered “outsourcing to India” back in 2006. CRU is today (2013) deeply integrated into the daily work of our firm. We love CRU.